Basically I am an electrical engineer by profession but these days I am little worried about being lazy and fatty. And the reason behind that is I don’t have much work to do in my office. I have almost half of my time in spare. Whenever a new project arrives I used to make the design in just two three days and then gets free of the work for next 4 or five days until the next project arrives. So a week later when I was talking to an old friend, who also did engineering with and got placed in the Hong Kong city told me this interesting solution to cope the leisure time.

He told me about these Australian slot games that are pretty popular these days in form of entertainment with the money as well, so I insisted him to suggest me some names, so that I can utilize my leisure time being productive and having fun. He told me the game called the golden goose and told me to get its overview first on the internet.

So the very next day, I started to dig information about the game and how these glitter works? Very first I saw some photos of it on the Instagram then look out some tutorial videos on YouTube after that I read some rules and stuff and finally analysed the pay table working. This machine is also known with another name called genie’s gems and it is five reel and forty pay line non progressive online game that is based on the rich symbolism of Middle Eastern mythology. So read all the important stuff and then got some free spins off the sale and became all set for money making. Believe me I played really well as a beginner and made some good money out of it