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Safari Madness Slots

Safari Madness is a Net Entertainment video slot that allows you to go on a wild safari in the wilderness. It features natural animal magnetism, so players who enjoy it will be able to take part. The symbols and graphics of Safari Madness are straight from the African safari. They will take you on a wild adventure. Safari Madness is a classic slot game with eight win lines and three reels. It features cute and colorful cartoon animal symbols.


You will enjoy winnings as you are immersed in the safari environment, where you will encounter jungle animals, offroad vehicles, bar symbols, and other wildlife. Anyone who has ever been on safari will be familiar with the graphics. Wild Safari animal symbols include hippos, rhinos, and crocs. This game is simple, and the sound effects remind me of land-based slot games.


Safari Madness has three horizontal and three vertical win lines. There are also two diagonal win lines. The reels will move in either direction. Each win line can be activated eight times per round, which means players have 64 chances to win. Click on the spin button to automatically adjust the bet to the maximum.

Safari Madness allows players to stop one or all of the reels from spinning. After a few seconds, the three middle buttons at the bottom of the reels will turn on. To stop any of the reels, you can choose the appropriate button. CLEAR BETS controls the left rotation. The SINGLE LINE button stops the middle reel. The ALL LINES button stops the right reel. To stop all reels, click the MAX BET or SPIN buttons.


As with many classic slots, the Safari Madness slot machine does not offer a bonus game. To maximize your payouts, you can opt for the Special symbols. Triple BAR symbols will increase your winnings by 700. Safari Madness is an even better way to win. Players get nine times the Tourist symbol in a single spin. This multiplies your winnings by 3000.

There are limits

Safari Madness offers the MAX BET option. Safari Madness has two coin values, 0.10 cents and 0.20 cents. Players can choose to play either 0.10 or 20c per line, with a minimum win of one and a maximum win of 8. Click MAX BET to instantly play as many lines as you wish with your chosen coin value. All reels will spin immediately.


All players can play the Safari Madness slot machine. Select the desired win lines after you have chosen your coin value. Click the SINGLE LINE BUTTON to play one win line. To select how many of the eight-win lines you wish to play, click the SINGLE LINE Button. The colored boxes indicate the win lines. This can be repeated eight times. Click the SPIN button to start the reels. Click on the ALL LINES button to play all eight lines at once. You can also click MAX BET to spin the reels. Click CLEAR BETS to erase win lines.


NetEnt offers a wide range of online video slots. They also offer classics like this 3-reel simple layout slot. Safari Madness is a slot that appeals to old-school players and offers winning pay lines and continuous action, even without scatters, bonuses, or scatters.