It was raining outside and i had nothing to do at home as my wife and kids were at grandmas home for visit. It was a weekend so my urges to have some fun were getting irresistible. And there was nothing good on TV also, no music and sports. So, suddenly i came to remember that i have got these new neighbors living right next to my flat. And we haven’t even got introduced yet. So i decided to go to visit them and say hi. As i got there and rung the bell there was no response for minutes which got me little angry and worried and made me think that it’s really my holy bad day today. But eventually a geek comes out and opened the door. I introduced myself and he invited me in.

As i got inside there were four of them all were busy with their phones and having beer and were so concentrated on whatever they were doing in that. So i asked the geek one that what has made them so focused that they haven’t even noticed me yet. Then he replied little rudely as he is pretty annoyed by them too as i was having at that moment. Then finally he shouted at all of them which made them aware of me and i finally got the chance to get introduced with them.

The first thing i asked them after the introduction was that what was it that they were so busy with? They replied the video slots and I was amazed by the answer that today I am going to learn that thing. He told about this slot machine called inca gold. It is an adventurous five reel twenty five pay line video game that is based on the lost civilization of Inca Empire. On which one can use wild, scatter and earn a massive jackpot payout of more than 8000 coins. And that is how I came to know about this wonderful game and the history of the golden empire and played the online pokies game myself later in the night.